Modern Thai Art

While Thailand has been noted for its many beautiful religious works, modern artists in this country have branched out. They have worked to update their art forms and create new visions with their knowledge. Art is taught in primary school as well as college. Many learn the traditional Thai art of carving fruits and vegetables into flowers and animals. This is a good beginning for many artists, but modern artists have learned other methods of creating beauty in their world. There are a number of colleges and universities known today in Thailand for their art programs. These have been an important part of updating the way students create art.

The country of Thailand is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. Over the years, the various kings have done their best to help their people stay abreast of innovations in other countries. In the early 1800’s, the King had the government begin inviting foreign artists to teach their methods for art creation. This importation of art techniques has influenced the work of many modern artists.

People that live in Thailand still prefer to purchase art of a religious nature. Original carved art works depicting Buddha are still very popular. Painting is less popular with Thais, but it has become important to art collectors from other countries. Modern Thai artists are still taught the painting techniques learned from the Italian painter Corrado Feroci. He was one of the first artists invited to teach them about modern painting.

Rather than recreating the basic art forms of the Thai people, art teachers have struggled to help them create a fusion. Thai students are encouraged to create images and statues of traditional subjects while using modern display venues. Painting has been particularly successful in this regard. Many modern Thai artists still display the traditional Buddha as a subject, but paint rather than sculpt him.