Flower Art of Thailand

As with many cultures, products of the natural world are used to create art in Thailand. It has been recognized that they have elevated the carving of food to its own unique art form, but flower artists in this beautiful Asian country have been less known until lately. Flower art has long been important in this mostly tropical country, but the world has begun to discover it. While live blossoms are beautiful, creating clay flowers is another popular way to enjoy this unique form of art.

Thailand is a country where rivers are one of the main transportation networks, and villagers have created flower art at home to sell at the waterside markets for centuries. Their creations are colorful, and some are pieces for display while others are wearable art. Many pieces are created for religious festivals, but others are simply cultural pieces to display the beauty of the world they inhabit.

Every culture finds its own way to use natural resources to create permanent art pieces, and clay flowers has been a staple in this jungle filled land. There is ample clay for use, and plenty of natural plants to create the color dyes necessary to make each one look like it was recently plucked. The Thai culture in general tends to keep its own cultural interests to itself, but clay flower making has begun to spread due to the internet. There are now companies that provide tutorials for those interested in learning the ancient methods handed down through the centuries.

Few lands can boast the varieties of flowers that any jungle country contains, and this culture has embraced its own resources in an artistic fashion. They have created a way to celebrate their religion, their heritage, their land and their culture by using the bounty of the world around them to showcase the wealth of their country.