Colourful Thai Art

As the country at the crossroads of Southeast Asia, Thailand has always been a diverse culture. Their art has traditionally encompassed that of their neighboring countries, but it always contained their own elements. Modern Thai art has not abandoned this philosophy, but it has grown in ways that are astonishing and unique. Some pieces continue to reflect ancient traditions in modern venues, and others are completely outside of any traditions that have been used.

Color has always been a major part of the Thai culture, and it can be seen in their use of flowers and food to create art. Painting is a more modern venue in this culture, and many newer artists are experimenting with it. They use it as an opportunity to expand on the traditional palette available to them, and their colorful art is full of life. Some have gone in the opposite direction, and they have managed to intrigue the art world with the black and white creations.

Shape has always been a component of art, and it is an important part of the modern art movement in this country. Artists have their own traditional shapes from the plants, animals and natural elements around them. They continue to use them as the basis of their work, but they add an element of the abstract to draw attention to their message. It has been very successful for several artists, and there are no signs the trend will not continue.

Religious philosophies have been the basis of many works of art around the world, and Thai cultural beliefs have been incorporated into art throughout the centuries. Paintings have long been a foreign concept, but they have become part of the way religious expression is turned into art. They are as different from Western religious art as their philosophies, so they tend to astonish those looking for familiar religious modern art pieces.